Kitten hugged little duck tightly, because he afraid that she’ll leave

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Kitten hugged little duck tightly, because he afraid that she'll leave - YouTube

Most people say that the most adorable creatures on Earth are babies and puppies. That could be 100% accurate, I mean, who could possibly resist the charming looks of a baby and a pup, let alone seeing them together in one frame?

This one, however, is still hardly debatable because there are tons of other creatures that would qualify as something “adorable” to the eyes of the majority. There are cute pandas, squirrels, bunnies, and the powerful duo of this kitten and duckling.

Yes, you read that right! The adorable combination of a baby cat and a baby duck.

This is, perhaps, an unusual tandem for most of you, including myself. However, this kitten-duckling friendship will surely melt your heart. In fact, you might see yourself smiling from ear to ear at the end of this viral video.

While for some people, it might be pretty odd for a winged animal to be accustomed to a domesticated home pet, this video breaks all boundaries that most people probably have when talking about friendship.

To better understand it, Wikipedia explains, “An interspecies friendship is a nonsexual bond that is formed between animals of different species. Numerous cases of interspecies friendships among wild and domesticated animals have been reported and documented with photography and video. Domestication of animals has led to interspecies friendships between species that would never naturally exist together. In many cases of interspecies friendship, the species are not normally seen together, and sometimes, one is of a species that ordinarily preys on the other in nature.”

They also added that “The concept of interspecies friendship is similar to that of mutualism in that two individuals from different species exist in a relationship where each organism benefits from the activity of the other. Reasons for the formation of interspecies friendships include domestication, interspecies communication, mutually beneficial exchanges, desire for social bonding, protection, or is often unknown.”

Brace yourself, you’re not ready for this.

In a video that’s already been viewed by over 1.1 million people, a kitten named Loki could be seen snuggling his visitor – a duckling. The two little creatures were so tiny that they were able to fit in a medium size mixing bowl.

Loki couldn’t help himself but shower his new friend with hugs and kisses. Although there were times when the little duck tried to escape, however, the playful feline didn’t let her get out of reach of his tiny paws.

The little cat didn’t shy away from giving the duckling good company by showering it with licks and kisses. When the video was halfway through, something happened and it’s so adorable that even a stone-cold heart would melt.

Loki tightly hugged the duckling and soon after, they dozed off together.

It’s just so fascinating to see these two little creatures, their innocently slumbered faces are the true meaning of the word “perfect combination”, wouldn’t you agree?

Well, someone who saw the video agrees, “There’s a certain level of cuteness a human can withstand. This was above my threshold. I’ve lost consciousness when the kitty cuddled the duck and dozed off.”

This YouTube user couldn’t agree more, “I love how the kitten never gave up and they both went off to sleep. So cute how both fit in the bowl. Too much cuteness.”

Watch the video below and be the judge.

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